Children's Book Covers as Wall Art

Using your children's favorite book covers as wall art is a fantastic idea for decorating a child's bedroom  or playroom. Mounting and framing the covers looks great, is very colorful, fitting and best of all, extremely personal to your child. Plus you can easily swap them out as your child grows and his taste in books changes! You could just show a group of three, but six or even twelve would look fab.

In the one above, I've mounted six book covers which were all of the same size, as I didn't want different sized prints, and I also kept it to books by the same author and illustrator, so that they looked more themed. But let's face it, anything goes! I also didn't want to ruin the actual books, so I scanned the covers into my computer, then printed them out onto glossy photo paper (you could probably just copy them directly onto your paper if you don't have the scanner function) I then simply cut them to size, and mounted them in a simple white frame that was matted to take the size of the books.

So simple to do, yet very effective! If you are planning on giving this a go, my only tip would be to make sure you measure the books size first to ensure your frames fit! (I guessed it and got it a bit wrong!)  If you are going for different sizes, lay your frames out on the floor first to get a pleasing arrangement before you start banging nails into the wall!

My son is a big fan of the Julia Donaldson books (creator of The Gruffalo), which is the book theme I went for as he has so many of them, but the Dr Suess books are also a firm favorite and ran a close second to being framed instead! We are also on the look out for more books, and perhaps you are too, so here are some of Callum's best loved books - who knows, maybe you'll find something new for your child that they will love too!

The Gruffalo

  The Gruffalo's Child

Guess How Much I Love You

Hugless Douglas

Green Eggs and Ham (I Can Read It All by Myself Beginner Books)

Where's My Mom?

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

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