20 Halloween Photo Prompts

I recently did a post with some ideas of pictures to take this fall - and I deliberately missed out Halloween as I thought this deserved one of it's own! Who can resist recording an event that sees your little one dressed up as a good fairy or a swash buckling pirate? So whether it's their first Halloween, or as it will be for my son this year, the first time trick or treating, here's some prompts for photos you might want to take this Halloween.
  1. Visiting the pumpkin patch
  2. Your child in among a pile of pumpkins waiting to be carved 
  3. Small hands carving the pumpkins
  4. An image of your front door dressed for Halloween 
  5. Getting dressed in costume for Halloween 
  6. Close up of the treats
  7. Use Halloween prop for photo details (e.g broom next to feet) 
  8. Close up shots of the details of the Halloween costume - fangs, fairy wings etc 
  9. Catch a moment with your child "in character" (i.e roaring like a tiger, twirling like a princess)
  10. Group of lit Jack 'o' Lanterns
  11. Child's feet beside Jack 'O' Lantern
  12. "Spooky" Shot with child holding flash light underneath their chin or chest height 
  13. Close up of your childs hand holding treat bag 
  14. Ringing doorbell when trick or treating 
  15. Face when candy dropped into bag
  16. Get behind and snap their backs walking down the street 
  17. Your Halloween decorations
  18. Group shot of all the children you can gather!
  19. Bobbing for Apples
  20. Counting their treats at the end of the night

I'm sure you can think of many more! For more tips and ideas you might also want to check out an article I've written for Parent Society - 10 Tips for Great Halloween Pictures 

The best thing to bear in mind is to try and tell the story, and capture the details and emotion (hopefully excitement but you never can tell with little children!) of the night. It's also a great excuse to practise your low light shots, or get creative with lighting by using candles, flash lights, covering your flash with orange cellophane etc.

I wish I had some photos to share with you but we didn't do any trick or treating last year - and I didn't want to post this after Halloween (it would be pretty useless after the event!) but I promise I'll share when it comes......have fun when it does!


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