Changing the Focal Point of Your Image

When you are taking a picture you should always ask yourself - what is the first thing we want people viewing the photograph to focus on?  Most of the time when we are photographing our children, the focal point will be the eyes, but sometimes it can be nice to change what the main subject of the photo is.  A really easy way to do this is to use a shallow depth of field, and change what you focus on. This simple change of focal point can really add a lot of interest to the story of your photograph, and elevate it above the rank of another snapshot.

Here's a couple of examples where instead of focusing on Callum, I have focused on what he has or what he is doing instead. 

Next time you are photographing your child, take a moment and think about whether you can change the focal point and add an extra dimension to the photograph.  Obviously you aren't going to want to do this with every image you take, but it's nice to throw one in now and again!  


Amy said...

These are such great photos! Thanks for the advice.

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