Random Photos from January

Not a proper blog post today as such, I've been busy beavering away to meet my self-imposed deadline of having January's photos in line with my new filing system!  So, just some photos I've taken this month - some with my DSLR, others with my iPhone (which I am endeavouring to get better at!) at that are probably going to make it into my Blurb book spreads.

This photos makes me laugh - my son must feel like he is being hounded by the paparazzi sometimes!

Our once weekly pastime of feeding the ducks. I might not take my camera there any more - there is only so many times you can photograph the same thing!

Yes, he is telling the duck off (for fighting with the other ducks)

Another of the other bottle / jar photos I took when I was trying to get a shot for my Project 52 last week trying to capture sun flare - this was probably my most successful sunflare one.

Painting is a messy activity - when we are done painting Callum washes up at the sink - I think this causes even more mess than the actual painting. He gets himself so wet that he lies in front of the dryer to dry himself out.

And some of the other shots I took for "details" (The Project 52 theme for last week) that didn't make it!

Told you it was random!

Have a good weekend when it comes!


Jan said...

i love, love, love your kitchen sinks! how neat to have two like that...i've never seen that before. very cool and perfect for cleaning up a big paint mess!

Audrey said...

I must give my husband credit for that - it was his idea! The mess is all mine though....

Jan said...

i love your sinks! i showed them to my husband and said, "look how cool the sinks are in europe!"

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