Photo Collage Templates - FREE!

Today I've rounded up links for some Photo collage templates for you to download and enjoy - and the best news is they are all completely free! Although the main bulk of these are for Photoshop / Photoshop Elements, I have also found a few for those of you that have Lightroom instead! (Don't say I'm not good to you)

I've been looking for a simple photo collage template for something I'm working on, and came across these when searching on the internet and thought I'd share. I love collages - they are a great way to show a lot of your favourite photos at the same time. Groups of images that have been taken at the same time (so they have the same lighting and colouring) work really well in a collage and help to tie the whole together. If you are planning on using photos taken at different times, you can still keep the look cohesive by editing them in the same style (warm, black and white, vintage etc). Personally, I love these printed on canvas, but they equally as good framed, or used as a album layout.

Photo Collage Templates for Photoshop / Photoshop Elements 

Dawnm.com - Beautiful 13 Opening Collage Template

13 opening photo collage template

Simple As That Blog -  4 Photo Collage Templates (great for a month in photos layout)

4 Photo Collage Templates

5 Free Photo Collage Templates

5 Photo Collage Templates

The Album Cafe: 3 Free Photoshop Collage Templates (4, 9 and 16 openings)

4, 9 and 16 Openings Photo Collages

Kristalund Photography - 20 x 20 "tea party" Photoshop Collage Templates

"tea Party" photo collage template

Live and Love Out Loud - 5 Free Photo Collage Templates

5 Photoshop Collage Templates

Photo Collage Templates For Lightroom 

I know not all of you have Photoshop, so I've also dug up some photo collage templates for Lightroom too. 

Love Your Pics - 8 Lightroom Photo Collage Templates

8 Photo Collage Templates for Lightroom

Please remember to leave a comment to say thank you to the creator if you do download any of these -  it's always nice to feel like your hard work has been appreciated! (and if you don't I'll tell your mother) If you have come across any more photo collage templates that should be on the list, feel free to add a comment below and I'll link to it in the blog to keep it updated.

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Jan said...

super! thank you for the lightroom links!

Audrey said...

There's not too many for Lightroom so glad I found some for you!

menucha said...

Awesome! Can't wait to use these! I never thought of using them on a canvas, I like that idea! Would love to do one I don't have any in my place yet!

Emma said...

Thanks for including our Lightroom downloads, hope your readers have found them useful. Emma (LoveYourPics)

Audrey said...

thank you for making them!

bla1se said...

Thank you so much. They are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! This was my best find :)

Johan Carry said...

Thanks for your contribution and giving me a chance to create a photo collage on canvas of my childhood photographs

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