P52 - Week 28

Are you all still with me??!

Last week's themes were From Below or Lines.  Time ran away from me again this week so I'm putting this one forward for "lines", would have liked to have done both this week though!

85mm f/1.8 , F2.5 / 1/800 / ISO100

And actually one from the previous week when the theme was "View Through My Window" - I'd forgotten I'd taken this and found it on a different memory card! (See, I'm really organised)

50mm f/1.4, F2.0 / 1/250 / ISO100

The themes for next week are:



Make Believe 

As usual, you can do your own thing if you prefer not to follow the themes - as long as you have fun shooting that's the main thing!


estelle doidge said...

I'm still with you... falling behind by a couple of weeks, but definitely still with you! Thanks so much for YOU not falling behind :)

Jan said...

I'm still with you! Just don't have a computer at the moment to download my card on.

Robin said...

I am still with you too!! refocusing now that school is out and I have the summer off!! Jan, I was wondering what happened to you this past week! You never miss a week and I so look forward to what you are going to post. Hope you get your computer back soon!!

Audrey said...

Glad you're all still with me!

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