P52 - Week 29

Isn't it great that we are all getting to know each other through this project?  It's wonderful to see conversations and links to information appearing on the Flickr group page - it's like a nice little community we have going now!

The themes for last week were Softness and Make Believe. This is mine for the week which actually covers them both - Callum is pretending to dig for treasure but I love the soft / dreamy feel to the image so it could work for that too!

The themes for next week are:




If you are just joining us feel free to hop right in and get started! You can find all the information about the project by reading this introductory post here, or looking through the previous themes here. Don't forget to head on over to our Flickr Group to sign up and be inspired by some of the wonderful submissions we have had already!

Happy shooting for this week! 


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