My New Lens Storage Case

Due to my lens obsession, I have far too many lenses just lying around the house - I'm scared that one of these days Callum will get his hands on one and take it outside to use as a telescope.  So, I decided I needed a storage space for them that would keep them safe,  out of the way, easily accessible and preferably in something portable.   I looked online and seen this Pelican Case which was ideal - small enough to store in a shelf in the cupboard, customisable, safe, and portable should I ever want to throw it in the boot of the car.

However, these were a touch too expensive for me, so I looked around for a cheaper option and found these Mantona cases which look exactly the same but less than half the price. They are probably not quite as rugged as the Peli cases, but as I'm a fair weather shooter, it's unlikely I'm going to need anything that can be submerged in water or that can be bashed off cliffs - the most this will ever have to withstand is a gentle breeze.

The foam inserts that come with it have little black squares cut in so that you can easily mould the foam to fit whichever lens you have.  Five minutes later and I've got my new lens storage case...

(I've deliberately left in my tootsies so you can see how big it is)

You will note that there is still a space for one new lens over in the corner there - that will be my new 28 or 35mm, whenever it's allowed to join the rest of it's family. Makes you want to go out and buy it right now doesn't it?


Briana said...

Ooh, had no idea such a thing existed, might have to add this to my retinue.... ;) Thanks for sharing!

Audrey said...

But will it fit under your bed?!!

Jamie-Lynn said...

very nice! I especially like that you could cut it to size and customize it however you wanted!

Briana said...

Hahaha, Audrey you are probably right, I may have to shuffle a few things around ;)

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