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Several months ago I bought myself a new camera bag, and it has been such a great investment.  I had been looking for ages for a bag that would fit all my needs, and this one - the Kelly Moore B-Hobo Camera Bag - fit the bill nicely! Thought I would formally introduce it to you today, and why I bought this one.

First off, I wanted a bag that looked more like a purse, rather than a camera bag, as I wanted to be able to take my camera everywhere.  This was mainly for aesthetics, but also because I didn't want anything that screamed "expensive camera equipment in here!" whilst walking about.

The other prerequisite was that it could carry my camera plus up to two additional lenses.  This is mainly because as I shoot primes, I wanted to be able to take some different lens options with me if I felt the need (If I just want to take my camera, then I have spare room for other items such as a water bottle and a snack)  Usually, it holds my Canon 5D Mark III with the 85mm attached, with the 50mm in one pocket, and if I think I might need it, the 135mm in the other.  The bag is reasonably heavy with all this in it, so I definitely wouldn't want a bag that held any more - I wouldn't be able to carry it!  (For anyone that is interested, apparently the bag will hold a long lens like the 70-200mm f/2.8 in the outer pockets - I checked this in case I ever change my mind and get it!)

I'm taking the photo with the camera, but it's normally in the large middle bit with a lens already attached. I have customised it to only have three openings, you can have 4. You can see my two lenses at either side.

Which takes me to one of my favourite parts about this bag. You can easily change lenses whilst having the bag on your body, so there is no need to put the bag down. I generally wear the cross body strap  and leave it unzipped (the flap folds over and still protects my lenses) so that they are easily accessible.  The bag also comes with a shoulder strap, but I find I prefer to wear it across body which tends to balance the weight more effectively.

The lenses are stored inside a removable basket, which means you can take the basket out and transfer it to another bag if you wanted to, or just use the hobo as a normal day bag.  (Although I confess to never having done this, but I do like to have the option!)

There is space on either side of the basket to hold items such an iPad or a notebook, but I rarely carry this, but again, it's nice to have the option should I ever feel the need.

There are two side pockets, one which holds my mobile phone, and two zippered pockets on the front, where I keep a spare memory card and my LensPen , plus personal stuff like money, cards and a pack of tissues.  Inside there is another zippered pouch, where I keep my ExpoDisc .

This is what happened to be in my bag when I decided to take these photos -  my macro, expodisc, 85mm, tissues, lenspen, raisins, money, card, spare memory card, and my remote trigger, and of course, camera, all comfortably inside.

Overall, I'm really happy with this bag. I've had it now for around five months, and it is used weekly, if not daily.  I was initially a big disgruntled that it wasn't real leather, but actually this is a good thing - the fake leather is actually a lot more durable, and it quite happily gets rained on, and is easily wiped clean. There is not a mark on this bag despite it being used so much, and dumped just about everywhere outside. I love the heather colour too, it's like a light grey and goes with just about anything.

The one thing I would like to mention is the fact that that with a lot of gear in it can become a bit uncomfortable to wear. I find that my pro (heavy!) body with lens attached and one spare lens (plus some other bits and bobs as mentioned above) is just a fine amount of weight to walk around with.  Once I add in another lens in,  it gets too heavy after a while.  Although the bag would hold it, I certainly wouldn't add in the extra weight of a iPad if my bag was full. So although it can hold all this stuff - and I could probably squeeze in another lens - it simply gets too uncomfortable to wear if it is packed to capacity. I only have it full if I am going somewhere I need all the stuff with me, and we are not walking too far, so I can dump my bag on the ground.

If you want something that holds more stuff I would personally recommend a different style of bag altogether - I would think that a backpack would distribute the weight more evenly and be more comfortable to carry.  (Any camera bag that is like a purse is going to have that weight problem, so this isn't just this particular bag) Something like a Crumpler or a ThinkTank would be more comfortable for more gear, or if you were going somewhere like climbing and needed a bit more padding, especially around the shoulders.

I did research a LOT of bags before parting with my hard earned cash on this one, so I'll do a blog post in the near future with some other camera bag suggestions that might work a bit better for you. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments and I can add them into the blog post for others. Thank you!


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