Say Hello to my New Internet Home!

Hello again!

When I last wrote on this blog it was to let you know I was taking a little blog holiday, in order to have a bit of a break over the summer, and also to move forward in some new areas with my photography. Well, rather than sitting with my feet up, I have been beavering away on a brand new website and it's finally ready to be unveiled!

It's called Audrey Ann Photography and you can find it at www.audreyannphoto.com - please pop over and have a look (once you are finished reading this of course!) and see what you think - its a bit bare at the moment but it will soon fill up!

So, what's going to be happening on the new site? Well, much like I have been doing here, I'll be sharing photos with camera settings, along with photography tips and tutorials.  Although this will focus on my main photography love - lifestyle photography with children - I'll be also be writing about some new things I enjoy, like macro and creative photography. Although it's a little way off yet, I'm also going to be offering learning tools and mentoring options for budding photographers - I'm still working on this but hopefully this will be available at the end of summer.  I'm very excited by the prospect that I might get to be a part of some of your photography journey's in the near future - I can't wait!

You are probably wondering what this means for Live Snap Love. Essentially, it will be simply be merged into the new website. As I said above, I'll still be blogging in the same way I do here - just at a different address - plus I'll also be updating and reposting some of the most popular tutorials on the new blog too - so the best bits of Live Snap Love will live on, along with some new ones!

I would be so honoured if you would continue to follow me over there.  There are a couple of ways to do this.....

1) Head on over to my new Facebook page and "like" it. and you will stay in the loop when there is new updates on the blog posted, and well as any giveaways.  (As I write this I have just 1 "like" which is kinda depressing - please help me at least get up into double digits!!!) As a small thank you to those that do continue to follow me this way, there is a new freebie waiting for you there - a downloadable guide to getting eyes to sparkle with tips on getting it right in camera, and a step by step guide showing how to make them really pop by using either Photoshop or Lightroom.  I'll be putting up a second freebie in the near future too.

2) Visit the new blog here and add your email address directly to start subscribing, or use the blog feed to add to your favorite reader! You'll see the links at the top of the sidebar on the right.

If you are an existing email subscriber to the Live Snap Love blog, please note that I'll will attempt to move the feed over to the new site, so you should continue to receive blog updates, except they will come from Audrey Ann Photography and not from Live Snap Love. However, internet stuff is really not my strong point so I'm really not entirely convinced this will work! (Fingers crossed on that one, I'll do my best) I apologise in advance if I stuff this up. 

When we have enough followers moved over, I'll kick off the new site with a giveaway for a free mentoring session to get us started!

It was a big decision to move to a new site, with a new name to boot, but I really think it was best for me going forward and what I hope to achieve professionally, and I'm just hoping that the majority of you take a moment to move over onto the new site with me - I really don't want this to be the end!!!

Thank you so much for reading up until now - can't wait to see you all over there!



A Goodbye for Now...

Over the past few months I've been thinking a lot about the direction I want to go in, and what I want to achieve both personally and for my family going forward.  After some careful consideration, I've decided to step away from the blog for a little while.

I've been feeling lately like I need to make a little bit more time for myself and for my family and although writing the blog is truly wonderful, I don't want to be tied to a computer for all of this summer. I want to have the freedom to step away from writing, and shooting when I don't want to, and take a little bit of time off and enjoy life with my family.

In addition, I also want to move in a slightly different direction with my photography, being more creative and exploring other genres, and also professionally, by offering learning tools for photographers and mentoring for those just starting out on their photography path. This is something I have been itching to do for a while now, but unfortunately never seem to get enough time to work on!  So, I'll be using the time away from the blog to consider and research this a bit more fully, and hopefully start to bring these ideas to life. I'm really excited about it, and I hope some of you are too!

If you haven't already done so, please take a moment to "like" the Facebook page, I will update that with any relevant /  interesting info that comes up, and with details of when I'm likely to be back when I have a clearer picture.  

Thank you for all reading the blog up to now, and for your incredible encouragement over the last couple of years - I hope you've enjoyed reading it as much as I have writing it!

So, it's goodbye for now - I hope you all have a wonderful time over the next weeks without me :)


Our Life Photo Project Week 21

So, how did you all get on with last week's prompt? It was a difficult one - your prompt was to capture a moment of love.  Here is my submission for the week:

Our prompt for this week is:

"Do you know what your child's favourite color is? If you don't, this is the week to find out!  For your photograph this week, you simply have to try to incorporate that color into the frame.  You could do this in many ways so  I shall leave you to your imagination for this one!"

Callum's favourite color changes from month to month (and even week to week) but they always fall into two strict categories for him: girls colors and boy colours. He only likes boy colors so I'll be safe as long as I choose one of them!

If you are new to the blog are just seeing this for the first time and wonder what we are doing, you can read more about the Project here. Remember, it's never too late to jump in and get started!


A Simple Portrait....

When you see such fresh faced beauty, all you need is a simple portrait....

F3.2 / 1/400 / ISO400  taken with Canon 85mm f/1.8  


Links to Free Photoshop Actions

I've been asked a few times now if I knew of any free photoshop actions so I thought I'd round up a few for you! I've haven't downloaded some of these, so please make sure you are happy yourself before downloading.

The Album Cafe -  Includes a "Eye Pop" Action (see the image below) AND lots of utility actions!


Our Life Photo Project Week 20

Our prompt for last week was to take a photograph of an everyday, normal outing.  I always feel really embarrassed taking my pro camera to places like the grocery store - I shouldn't, and I really don't think anyone around me cares - so this was a hard one for me! I decided to take one of Callum getting ready to go swimming - unfortunately for me, I chose a place where you are not allowed cameras full stop! (Honestly, I should have realised that cameras in a locker room was a big no no!) so I have this one of us leaving afterwards instead!

I do wish I had changed my angle a bit here and got lower to the ground, but I needed to catch up with him before he ran out! 

Our prompt for next week: 

"This week, I'd like us all to try to photograph a moment of love.  Although the goal for lifestyle photography is to capture natural moments, for some, like this one, you may need to help the moment along.  Think about what you want to capture beforehand - a moment between siblings, or the love your partner has for his children, or even the love your child has for her favourite teddy, and see if you can't gently guide the love part along!" 

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you simply cannot stage manage a moment like this, so don't worry if this doesn't quite come off the way you want it to! Just keep it in the back of your mind and try again another week.

Once again, for anyone new to the blog, you can find out more about the Project 52 here, and you are more than welcome to join in anytime! It really doesn't matter when you start, just that you do :)